Whangarei Public Dog Park

Whangarei Public Dog Park at Dave Culham Drive, Whangarei  is we think the best dog park facility in Whangarei. The public dog park is managed by an enthusiastic committee and supported by the Whangarei District Council, this area is fully fenced with two shelters to get out of the sun or the rain equipped with water troughs for the dogs.

It’s such an awesome place to take your dog. Dogs love the ramps and agility equipment designed to make for fun times with your dog and the kids, the park is very well taken care of. Visit us our Facebook page to inform you of all events and changes that will be occurring at your local dog park.

Tony's Tips

Tony Gill has been on many boards and committees he has learnt that communication is the Key.

Tony always gives his opinion he never “sits on the fence” By his style he has achieved well in all the groups he’s helped.

Tony knows we will always have different views, however he tries to find the common ground to attain the best outcomes.

Tony has a vast knowledge of the dogs field, while he is still learning he understands many conditions.

This page is to be developed into Tony's Tips where Tony will share his knowledge

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