Whangarei Public Dog Park

Whangarei Public Dog Park at Dave Culham Drive, Whangarei  is we think the best dog park facility in Whangarei. The public dog park is managed by an enthusiastic committee and supported by the Whangarei District Council, this area is fully fenced with two shelters to get out of the sun or the rain equipped with water troughs for the dogs.

It’s such an awesome place to take your dog. Dogs love the ramps and agility equipment designed to make for fun times with your dog and the kids, the park is very well taken care of. Visit us our Facebook page to inform you of all events and changes that will be occurring at your local dog park.

Why the Whangarei Dog Park is Important

Dog owners need a place to legally exercise with their four-legged family members. The dog park provides a safe environment for dog owners to let their dogs romp and play with other dogs while not infringing on the rights of non-dog owners. Dogs need to be properly socialized with other dogs and humans at an early age to be well-behaved adult dogs. They also need regular "adventures" to reduce boredom and pent-up energy at home. Access to a park close to home is the safest and most effective way to ensure that owners exercise and socialize their dogs and provide them with on-going experiences outside of their own home. Dogs that are able to safely run, play ball, or practice obedience training are happier and healthier. Furthermore, well-exercised dogs make better neighbours. Dogs that are trained, socialized, and properly exercised are less aggressive and less likely to bark, destroy property, and learn anti-social behaviour. A tired dog is a good dog! Furthermore, the dog park will promote a sense of community. Dog owners will be able to exchange information on pet training and health issues, and will be able to make new friends with common interests. The dog park belongs to the community. For the park to be successful, it is important that EVERYONE helps to maintain the park's beauty. Please clean up after your dog, keep your dog's vaccinations current, keep your dog free of internal and external parasites, and control your dog's behaviour.

Whangarei Dog Park

Family friendly dog park for the use of the Whangarei community 

Whangarei Dog Park Whangarei

Ramps and agility equipment

Ramps and agility equipment to train your dog this public park is family fun

Committee Managed

The Whangarei public dog park is run by a enthusiastic committee

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Pet Nutrition

Food for your dog, some dogs will get an allergy to some foods, advice page

Dog Park Whangarei
Whangarei Dog Park
Whangarei Dog Park
Whangarei Dog Park dogs at play
Whangarei Dog Park dogs at play